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Commitments for our clients


label qualité tourisme

In accordance with the requirements set out by the Qualité Tourisme label, the Grand Villeneuvois Tourist Office is committed to quality and has defined its commitments to customers.

label sourire du lot et garonne

The Conseil Départemental and the Comité Départemental du Tourisme(CDT) of Lot et Garonne launched in 2011, the label "Qualité Sourire" aimed at providers wanting to show their efforts on quality. This label's goal is to provide tourists with a high quality greeting and to guarantee the quality of services throughout the tourist service chain.


This Tourist Office is committed to :

1- Making hospitality a priority

  • By making all types of customers welcome: easily accessible welcome and information areas are available.
  • By providing furniture so customers can sit down.
  • By making trained holiday advisors available to customers, in order to better meet their expectations.
  • by reducing your waiting time with the possibility to have access to updated information and digital tools in the tourist's reception hall
    By keeping wait times to a minimum, thanks to the availability of updated information and computer tools in the reception hall
  • By answering customer inquiries in a timely manner, regardless of the method of contact.
  • By answering letters all year round

2- Facilitate access to information and formalities

  • By being available to welcome customers in several locations: Villeneuve sur Lot, Pujols, Sainte Livrade sur Lot and Laroque Timbaut
  • By providing opening hours to suit customer requirements, all year round
  •  By providing a trilingual website, and by providing location-based tourism information services using the latest information and communication technologies.  Furthermore, the GRAND VILLENEUVOIS TOUR app and our social media presence (Facebook - Tourisme Grand Villeneuvois) are both updated on a daily basis.
  •  By making information available to customers when the Tourist Office is closed, thanks to an outdoor terminal that is accessible 24/7, in Villeneuve sur Lot, Casseneuil and Sainte Livrade, in addition to the OTGV’s tourism interface available through the local wifi established in Villeneuve, Pujols, Laroque Timbaut and at the Lot et Bastides campground.
  • By displaying and advertising our opening times in French, English and Dutch
  • By staying open at least 305 days per year, including Saturdays and Sundays during tourism and event seasons.
  • By displaying emergency phone numbers on the outdoor terminal
  • By providing unlimited free-of-charge wifi.
  • By displaying the availability of rated accommodations between July 1st and August 31st on the 24/7 terminal in Villeneuve sur Lot and at the Pujols outpost, as well by providing information at the desk.

3- Providing information

  • By responding to the needs expressed by each type of customer.
  • By providing information about local tourism opportunities, free of charge.
  • By providing a continuous welcome service with staff members that speak at least two foreign languages. 
  • By providing printed tourist brochures, maps and guides.
  • By providing English and Dutch translations of our tourism information, (accommodations, leisure activities, heritage, events, health and emergencies...), in printed format as well, and updated on an annual basis. 
  • By presenting accurate, qualified Grand Villeneuvois tourism offers. 
  • By facilitating holiday planning for customers, including providing access to rated accommodations availability information, as well as the possibility to make bookings for accommodations through our welcome service.

4- Processing customer complaints

  • By processing customer complaints within 72 hours.
  • By measuring the quality of service in order to improve it
  • By measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Français
  • English
  • Nederlands